NVSDC Classic 2018 Winners

The Northern Victorian Sled Dog Classic will be held on the Queens birthday long weekend at Moira Park Scout Camp, Kialla West on the 8th- 10th of June, 2019. The Classic is the largest dry land sled dog event in Australia and the only 3 day sled dog race, attracting competitors from right across Australia. Mark your calendars, This will not be an event to miss!


While we will be updating this page regularly with information leading up to the big race, these are the changes that will be introduced from 2019:

1. 3 morning heats – Saturday, Sunday and Monday 

Yes, that is correct, no more Saturday night racing where we play waiting games with temperature. All racing will take place during the best possible temperatures for our dogs.


2. Reduced fees

We aim to run a race with better value for the sledding community. Entries fees will be significantly reduced, open classes will be $40 (down from $45) and all second entries and touring classes will be $20 (down from $28). Not only this but our camping fees have been simplified and reduced, a flat rate for the whole weekend is $10 per competitor and $15 per non-competitor. All kids/under 18 years old no charge


3. Improving Bikejoring

Bikejoring is growing in popularity fast and as a result we will be changing bikejoring from a social class to an open class. This will be run as 3 heats on the 2 dog track held in-between 2 dog and 1 dog


4. Junior and Canicross will be awarded as Open Classes

We will now recognising not only bikejoring but canicross and juniors as open classes with prize money being awarded. Also to keep in mind is our junior challenge event. We are the only dry land race to offer juniors recognition for entering in 1, 2 or 3 dog open class.