Diane Baker

Vice President

I’m 54 years old, been married to Wayne for 33 years and have a daughter Jess 32. I have been involved in breeding, showing and training Siberian huskies since I was 14 years old, when my mother brought me my first Siberian husky. I met Wayne when he brought his first Siberian Husky.  We have continued that breeding and training together for at least 30 years but have now moved over to Alaskan Huskies.  We have 10 Alaskan huskies and two cats.


I am very committed to the support and growth of this sport in Australia. I’m a founding member of ASSA in 2001 and sat on the committee for a number of years. I have also founded a number of races and clubs such as the Victorian Husky club in 1984. I feel honoured to be a life member of NVDSC.


I’ve sled dog raced since 1995 and have competed in every class from one to eight dog class  and have been very fortunate to consistently place well over the years. These days I enjoy and prefer to Bikejore and Canicross on dryland and sled a team on snow.


I have competed in a number of sprint races and long distance races including B50, Sibex long distance, Freight run, Canberra long distance. At the B50 I won the best dog care award, which I am very proud of.


In February 2008 I was selected by ASSA to represent Australia in Russia. I had a fantastic month in Russia where I selected dogs and developed two teams which I raced in two different races a 50km and 150km races. It was wonderful spending so much time on snow.  I was told that no woman had ever competed in a race of 150km in Russia they thought I was a hero. I also had the opportunity to share my mushing skills with the boys in the orphanage with training their teams and using their equipment. I still keep in contact with them.


Over the years I have had the motto “that my goal is for me and my dogs to finish a race safely and placing well is a bonus. Over the years I have done very well and at times had horrible runs but those horrible runs have taught me valuable lessons. I have lost teams, gone the wrong way, dogs chased a wombat down a hole and wouldn’t continue, broke a collar bone, have broken most of my ribs, had concussion, lost a wheel off my rig, dogs wouldn’t run but I have enjoyed it all.


I love sled dog racing is a fantastic sport.

Diane Baker