NVSDC 2017 Driver Point Score Rules

Important – Please ensure you read this!

All race results need to be submitted the Race Coordinator within 14 days of the race. Final date for submission of eligible results is 1st September each year.

We strongly recommend that you submit your race results as soon as possible to prevent future unforeseen circumstances stopping you from entering them within the time limits.

All race results must be accompanied by an official set of race results. If a hard copy is not available a legible digital photo of the race results board or a web link to a clubs race results will be accepted.

It is the entrant’s responsibility to check all relevant results have been recorded for all of your teams entered in the point score. If there is an omission, we will not make adjustments that increase points outside of the above time limits.

The NVSDC Point Score recognises consistent Driver performance at Sled Dog Dryland and Snow Races throughout Australia. This is not a “Dog/Driver” Point Score.

Eligible results can be entered from any Official Race held within Australia during the 2017 race season with the exception of SHCV social sledding races (at their request).

Only the best 5 results (points value) will be included. The pointscore system will automatically select the best 5 results from the results that are submitted. We recommend that ALL your eligible results are submitted.

Tie-Breaker – In the event that 2 or more teams have the same number of points, the dog team with the fastest average KM/HR for the five races will be placed first. Therefore the official distance of each race must be included with the results.

The NVSDC Pointscore is open to all financial NVSDC members for the 2017 race season.

Points Allocation

  • Points will be allocated based on the number of teams beaten per race class. One point will be allocated for the Mushers team plus one point for every team beaten that started the race (scratchings made before the race start are not to be included in teams beaten).
  • Classes Eligible for awards are all Open classes (8 dog class, 6 dog class, 4 dog class, 3 dog class, 2 dog class, and 1 dog class) and Junior class.

Special Trophies

  • Rookie of the Year – A Trophy will be awarded to the Driver with the most points in one dog class in their first year of racing in Open Competition. Rookie’s must clearly indicate they wish to be included when they enter their results.
  • Fastest dogs in the North – A trophy will be awarded to the Driver with the overall fastest average KM/HR for the 5 eligible races at the end of the season. This award will be given automatically to the Driver of the fastest dogs from the results entered. This award is not class specific.
  • Trophies will be awarded for 1st place in each of the class divisions and the “Rookie of the Year” and “Fastest Dogs in the North”. Certificates will be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place winners in each division and also red lantern (last place).

The following rules apply to all pointscore competitions divisions.

  • The competition is held in Australia between 1st May, and 1st of September, each year.
  • Only results from official races held in Australia between the above dates are eligible.
  • Qualifying results must be submitted within 14 days of the race. Closing Dates – The final date for submission of all results is 1st September, each year.
  • In the interest of fair play and a sporting competition, once details have been entered into the competition, they will not be removed unless there are extenuating circumstances. (Please be certain that you wish to enter for the full season before completing the application).
  • Incomplete results will be rejected.
  • It is up to the individual to check their points tally for correctness. Any errors or omissions should be immediately sent to us for correction.

Pointscore Integrity and submitting incorrect results

  • The integrity of the pointscore relies greatly on the honesty of the person submitting the results. Therefore in order to protect the integrity of the competition, if a result has been submitted that awards more points to a team or a faster time than they would otherwise have been entitled to, we will at our absolute discretion, disqualify the result.
  • Once a “Competitor” has 2 disqualified results recorded, we reserve the right to disqualify the “Driver” entirely from this (and future) year’s competition.
  • Whilst all due care is taken, NVSDC Inc assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions that may occur in this competition. Points are tallied as per results received.
  • We reserve the right to alter these rules and/or terms and conditions at any time. Any amendments to the rules will be listed on the NVSDC website. The decisions of NVSDC Inc (including interpretation of the rules) are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • By submitting an entry to the point score competition, you indicate your acceptance of these rules and conditions.

How to submit results